RADVISION Videoconferencing Technology Adopted by COSMOTE, Greece’s Top Mobile Telecom Operator

Monday, April 30 2012

With a customer base of more than 7.5 million and a market share of approximately 46 percent, COSMOTE is Greece’s largest mobile telecommunications provider. Together with its subsidiaries in Albania, Bulgaria and Romania, the company serves 46 million people in Southeast Europe. A member of the OTE Group, COSMOTE was the first mobile operator in Greece to introduce HSDPA broadband services. A few months later, it launched broadband Internet services (ADSL) combined with mobile telephony services, in cooperation with OTEnet, an Internet service provider also belonging to the OTE Group.

The Mission

COSMOTE aims to provide its customers with the highest level of customer service. In order to efficiently meet the increasing demand for remote collaboration in Greece, COSMOTE was faced with the imperative of a major overhaul to its video conferencing capabilities. In particular, COSMOTE was relying on embedded MCUs in its video endpoints for meetings. But the demand for video usage was increasing and the existing solution wasn’t sufficient to meet the demand. Another major concern was the large amount of time devoted by IT staff to administering and maintaining each endpoint. Finally, video conferencing was limited to meeting rooms because the existing solution offered no support for desktop and mobile clients. COSMOTE was in the market for a new and expanded video conferencing solution that met its current needs and would offer scalability and flexibility for future investments.

The Challenge

For COSMOTE, there were a host of issues to be addressed in selecting a new video conferencing solution:

  • The process for scheduling meetings and reserving conference rooms had to be simplified.
  • Centralized administration and monitoring of video network infrastructure was a requirement as a way to increase control and enhance security.
  • The capability to produce usage reports for management and to diagnose network and quality issues was also critical.

Another challenge was incompatibility between existing video endpoints, which were a mix from different manufacturers – limited interoperability was a contributing factor to a lower quality video experience. And lastly, executives and staff on-the-go needed access to video calls regardless of their location.

The Solution

RADVISION’s SCOPIA Elite 5110 MCU Bundle solved the compatibility issues between different endpoints and significantly increased the number of participants able to join the company’s multi-point meetings. This capability offers increased productivity and reduces the need to reschedule meetings. SCOPIA’s multi-vendor support for managing endpoints is helping IT staff to be more productive and efficient.
RADVISION SCOPIA Desktop, supported by the SCOPIA 5000 Series MCU, has expanded COSMOTE’s video conferencing capabilities, enabling it to encompass a much larger user base. Now, instead of being limited to top-level managers and executives, employees across the organization can benefit from video conferencing. It also enables meeting participation from mobile and remote employees from nearly any location.

The SCOPIA iVIEW Management Suite provides COSMOTE with centralized management, monitoring and control as well as simplified and streamlined IT operations, while making conference scheduling and management much simpler and far less time-consuming. iVIEW’s reporting functionality gives management valuable insight into video usage and performance.
SCOPIA Gateway allows COSMOTE to maintain its investments in its legacy ISDN-based systems – making the solution particularly cost-effective while also ensuring alternative connectivity in case of IP network issues.

The Benefits

RADVISION’s centralized management and control functionality, along with its advanced scheduling and reporting capabilities, significantly simplified COSMOTE’s IT operations. The RADVISION solution has reduced the time spent in administrative tasks such as moderating meetings and increasing user satisfaction, leading to wider adoption of video as a critical business tool. Additionally, COSMOTE has expanded video to a much broader base of employees and enables those employees to use video from any location. All of this had resulted in improved productivity and faster ROI.

Looking Forward

COSMOTE plans are to scale up its RADVISION solution with additional infrastructure, to reach more locations and to increase capacity and redundancy. The company is also looking at incorporating video recording and streaming capabilities as well as implementing the new video network at its subsidiaries in Bulgaria, Romania and Albania.