AudioCodes One Box 365

Wednesday, July 30 2014

AudioCodes One Box 365AudioCodes One Box 365 is a complete Lync enterprise voice solution for Office 365 customers, part of AudioCodes’ One Voice for Lync suite of products and services that simplify and accelerate Lync enterprise voice deployments.

Aimed at Office 365 customers looking for a turn-key PBX replacement solution, AudioCodes One Box 365 is an appliance-based Enterprise Voice offering that includes all the required server components, connectivity equipment, end-point devices (Lync-compatible IP Phones), installation and support services, all in one package with one simple price.

The central element of AudioCodes One Box 365 is a fully integrated appliance based on the field-proven and Lync-certified Mediant 800 SBC hardware platform. The Mediant 800 hosts a fully-featured instance of the Lync Server 2013 software solution along with a dedicated, GUI-based management system.

With its simplified architecture and proprietary management software, AudioCodes One Box 365 enables accelerated deployments of Lync Enterprise Voice within Office 365 environments. This leads to complete Lync services being up and running in a matter of a few hours.


  • Simple and fast to deploy
  • Full UC without compromising cloud benefits
  • One-stop-shop solution

Key Features

  • Lync Server roles and gateway/SBC all in one box
  • Intuitive GUI for self-management
  • Seamless integration with Office 365
  • Full PBX enterprise voice features