WePresent – Wireless Presentation System

Friday, October 10 2014

We have big news to share!

KM Logitel Innovative Technologies SA has entered into an agreement with WP Technologies Inc. to market and sell WePresent products through our global network of resellers and partners.

The audio-visual industry has seen incredible innovation and growth over the past few years, yet the service to provide these solutions to end-users is lacking the same progression. Commercial end-users have received ineffective support, unrealistic pricing, and over-complicated solutions.


WP Technologies’ mission is to help corporations connect, create, and communicate their vision through innovative and cutting-edge IT & AV technology. WP Technologies, Inc is successful in deploying grass-roots strategies, marketing campaigns, and product development to bring new technologies to market. WP Technologies, Inc has a history in successfully selling and designing AV systems for corporations.

wePresent is a 1080p HD wireless interactive presentation system that allows up to 64 users to collaborate and take turns wirelessly presenting from their Windows/Mac computer, smartphone or tablet to any display. With an abundance of built-in AV and network connections, wePresent works with any display and fits perfectly into any environment. Because wePresent works over WiFI, it is incredibly fast and extremely reliable. It easily integrates into any network, insuring your presentations are displayed at 30 frames per second and in full 1080P resolution.

The wePresent wireless presentation device is the ideal solution for Corporate, Educational, Medical and Government settings, as well as any other industry or environment where meetings are held and wireless interactive presentations are necessary.