Pronestor Display

Thursday, May 12 2016


Pronestor Display shows meeting activities on digital screens outside conference rooms, in receptions, in meeting areas and on mobile phones. An elegant and professional digital display solution.

Selected Features

Stock Designs and Design Editor

Pronestor Display comes with three different stock designs in which you can apply your company logo. Use the built-in design editor and change background color, font color or background image. This feature gives you the possibility of creating a design that is true to your corporate design profile.

Interactive Features

The interactive features allow you to book and edit meetings directly on the screens. Interactivity is a standard feature in the Room Display module (but you can choose to do without) and it can be purchased as an add-on to the Area Display.


Central Administration

Central administration and monitoring allow you to administrate the solution from a central point using a web-browser. Handle all configuration and the different feature settings in the administration module and manage all screens in your company at the same time.

Heartbeat Feature

This feature is monitoring the screens and in case of any errors, the systems automatically sends a notification email to the system administrator.

Error Reporting

Report faulty equipment directly from the screen. The system sends an email directly to the person in charge. The slide button indicates the reporting of the error. When the error is rectified, the system automatically resets the error report indication.

Pronestor Analytics

Learn more about the usage of your conference rooms via statistics and reservation patterns. Pull reports on “No Shows”, number of participants, occupancy rates etc. With Pronestor Analytics, you get a valuable tool for optimizing the use of your conference rooms.


You can read more about this product at Pronestor’s Website.