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KENTIX SmartXcan

KENTIX SmartXcan

Manufacturer: Kentix
Logitel code: KMS-TI-FS-B
Manufacturer code: KMS-TI-FS-B

Product Description

KENTIX SmartXcan is a automated, fast, safe and intuitive body temperature measurement at central.

It can be used in order to permanently reduce the risk of spreading viral diseases (COVID-19, flu, influenza, etc.) in public areas and at the same time to make a better prediction of emerging geo-hotspots.

Identification of infected persons is crucial

In order to permanently reduce the risk of spreading viral diseases (COVID-19, influenza, etc.) in the public domain and at the same time to make a better prediction of emerging geo-hotspots, it is necessary to identify infected persons at an early stage.

The access of these persons to any kind of crowd of people must be prevented and collected data must be fed into AI-supported analysis databases in real time in compliance with GDPR.

Fever measurement is the most effective method

Fever is a non-obligatory, non-specific symptom, but it is a very useful screening tool for infections such as the coronavirus. Any infection that is detected early can potentially save several lives. Therefore, fever measurement plays an important role in the detection of potentially infected persons because:

  • Fever is by far the most common initial diagnosis (according to WHO Report 2/2020: 87.9% for COVID-19)
  • the body temperature rises due to the increasing immune defence even before the onset of usual symptoms
  • detection can usually be performed even at low virus loads

One simple measure for many applications

An automated, safe and intuitive fever measurement at central, preferably electrically controlled, access points to crowds of people is an important measure that has been tested in many high-risk regions, to:

  • provide long-term and sustainable protection against viral diseases
  • re-establish social and economic contacts, while at the same time controlling the risk before epidemics flare up
  • restore public confidence in public security

In many facilities with a constant flow of people the contactless body temperature measurement is crucial for the identification of infected persons in order to permanently reduce the risk of spreading the Covid19.






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  • Contactless body temperature measurement, no contact contamination
  • GDPR-compliant operation possible through self-measurement
  • Highly accurate measurement, over 1,000 measuring points
  • Protection against manipulation through intelligent thermal image analysis
  • Self-explanatory user guidance through intelligent sensors
  • Simple and flexible assembly
  • Live control via a web browser for gatekeepers
  • Automatic control of doors and turnstiles
  • Kentix SmartXcan depending on the type
  • Wall bracket (metal)
  • SlimLine cable 5m
  • Assembly material
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