Manufacturer: Funkwerk Enterprise Communications
Logitel Code: FEC-1091441
Manufacturer Code: 1091441
Product Description

The modular system concept for expansion of up to 48 (78) ports.

The modular expansion of the elmeg ICT88 PABX system permits a gradual upgrade up to 16 ISDN connections or 24 analog terminal devices. Additional modules for switching contact, emergency operation of a ISDN phones in case of power failure, or door intercom systems can be connected as well. This ensures that the elmeg ICT PABX systems can be smoothly and seamlessly integrated into and grow with the communication structure of your company.
Even Shakespeare called one of his plays “As you like it” – this principle shines through in the flexibility of modular design. The vast variety of possible configurations achieved by combining different expansion modules can be customized to fit your needs perfectly. Instead of frequent switches to new systems, your elmeg PABX system can now grow with you in an economically efficient manner.

With a maximum expansion of 48 ports available with the elmeg ICT88 (up to 78 ports using an S2M module for up to 30 exchange line), the elmeg ICT PABX systems off a powerful and future-oriented communication platform with a capacity previously available only with considerably more expensive systems.

The highly modern 32-bit digital technology of the elmeg ICT PABX systems is ready for the required computing power to handle all ports of the maximum module expansion layout right from the factory.
From systems with a bandwidth of 10 ports for small offices and freelancers up to 78 ports for hotels, mid-size companies or small call centers, elmeg PABX systems meet all your needs and requirements.

Technical Specifications

  • Max. 12 digital exchange line channels (up to 6 external S0)

  • Max. 24 digital S0 channels (up 12 internal S0)

  • Max. 22 digital Up0 channels (up to 16 internal Up0)

  • Max. 4 analog exchange line ports

  • Max. 24 analog ports

  • Max. 2 door terminals (4 bells possible for each terminal)

  • Max. 20 alarm inputs (6 per switching contact module and 8 by means of analog ports on the base module)

  • Max. 6 switching contacts (3 per switching contact module)

  • Max. 48 ports in total

  • USB-port and V.24-interface

Base module:

  • 4 x S0, switchable between internal/external

  • 8 internal a/b

2 module slots for expansions with:

  • 2 internal S0, 1 S0 being switchable between internal/external

  • 4 internal S0, 1 S0 being switchable between internal/external

  • 4 x Up0

  • 8 x Up0

  • 4 internal a/bn

  • 8 internal a/bn

  • Cordless DECT-system elmeg DECT400 (1can be used)

  • VoIP-VPN-gateway (prepared, 1 can be used)

and 2 slots for:

  • S2M-module (1x can be used)

  • 2 POTS-module (connection of 2 analog exchange lines, 1 can be used)

  • 4 POTS-module (connection of 4 analog exchange lines, 1 can be used)

  • Door intercom module (door terminal)

  • Switching contact module com-prising 6 alarm inputs/sensors and switchingcontacts/actuators

  • Emergency supply module (emergency supply for a connected and authorized ISDN-phone, 1 can be used)

and also:

  • ICT router module slot

  • Overvoltage protection module


  • Elmeg Module 2So/4So

  • Elmeg Module 4Up0/8Up0

  • Elmeg Module 4ab/8ab

  • Elmeg Module DECT Multicell 2/4

  • Elmeg Module VoIP-VPN Gateway

  • Elmeg Module 4DSP/8DSP

  • Elmeg Module 2POTS/4POTS

  • Elmeg Module Contacts/Sensors

  • Elmeg Module TFE

  • Elmeg Module NSP

  • Elmeg Module FSM

  • Elmeg Module Router ICT

  • Smart Media Card 64/128MB


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