Manufacturer: Funkwerk Enterprise Communications
Logitel Code: FEC-1092189
Manufacturer Code: 1092189
Product Description

Extension of module VoIP-VPN Gateway for elmeg ICT Family / elmeg T444.

The extension modules M 4 DSP and M 8 DSP convert the VoIP-VPN Gateway module into a complete switched network-to-IP gateway. This permits the transition of IP voice data into the traditional voice network and vice versa.
To provide optimum voice quality with minimum bandwidths, the standard voice codecs G.711, G.723.1, G.726, and G.729a/b are supported.
The combination of the elmeg ICT unit, VoIP-VPN gateway and one or two DSP modems enables any conventional end device, be it analogue or ISDN, as well as any IP phone to use IP voice telephony.
The two modules 4 DSP and M 8 DSP allow them to determine their individual extension levels of the VoIP-VPN gateway themselves. Up to 16 connections can be set up simultaneously between the various technologies, using two 8 DSP modules.