Manufacturer: Funkwerk Enterprise Communications
Logitel Code: FEC-1091212
Manufacturer Code: 1091212
Product Description

The Next Generation: The expandable ISDN compact system – Great performance in a small package.

As the successor to the elmeg D@VOS-44.dsl (according to a technical magazine, the “best ISDN system in the world”), the new compact PABX system T444 combines ISDN system telephony, a compact design, utterly easy configuration and an integrated xDSL/ISDN router into one innovative total solution. The basic configuration consists of one ISDN exchange connection, 1 internal ISDN bus for digital terminal devices and 4 analog ports for phones and fax devices. All of the convenient features of elmeg system telephony are available at the internal ISDN bus: Central system telephone directory, broker’s call, three-party conference call, team building, day/night call mode, automatic call-back for external/internal calls, to name a few.

Connection to the Internet is set up via separate Ethernet ports for LAN (local PC network) and WAN (DSL modem) – an integrated, high-performance router with packet filter firewall, xDSL/ISDN fallback, LAN-TAPI/LAN-CAPI and NAT ensures secure, stable and centrally configurable Internet hook-up. Configuration of the router functions can easily be carried out from any PC within the LAN, or via the USB port of the PABX system.

And of course elmeg has included a comprehensive software package with elmeg WIN-Tools (elmeg Professional Configurator, elmeg Control Center, Telephone directory, TAPI and Charge Manager, Firewall Filter Wizard and LCR-Professional) on the CD supplied with the system.

The system can be expanded individually via a module slot: two additional a/b ports, POTS for an analog exchange connection, or Voice over IP (SIP Internet telephony) can be implemented directly via the PABX system to meet your special needs.

Technical Specifications

  • 2 digitale exchange line channels (1 external S0; Point-to-mulitpoint/Point-to-point ISDN access

  • 1 analog exchange line connection (opt. module)

  • 2 digital internal channels (1 internal S0; for connecting elmeg system telephones or standard ISDN terminals)

  • System telephony with elmeg system telephones

  • Max. 6 a/b ports

  • CLIP and charge pulse on all ports

  • Integrated IP router for Internet access via xDSL or ISDN with:

  • 1 xDSL/WAN-Ethernet inter-face (for external xDSL modem)

  • 1 LAN Interface,10/100 Mbit-Fast-Ethernet

  • 1 LAN Interface USB

Optional extension with

  • 2 a/b module for providing six ports

  • POTS module for connecting the T444 to an analog ex-change line access

  • 4 DSP module for the connection of SIP provider

And also:

  • Routing performance: > 2 Mbit/S with xDSL

  • Use of fixed or dynamic IP addresses (PPPoE) for xDSL

  • Integrated Packet Filter Firewall, with chargable filter sets, NAT

  • Automatic Fallback xDSL to ISDN programmable

  • TAPI and CAPI in the LAN

  • LEDs for Power, ISDN, LAN, WAN

Comprehensive software package including

  • elmeg WIN Tools

  • elmeg Professional Configu-rator

  • elmeg Control Center

  • elmeg Telephone Directory Manager

  • elmeg Charge Manager

  • elmeg Web Interface for LCR Professional

  • elmeg TAPI Manager

  • elmeg Download-Manager

  • Web based Configurator Java Configurator in the PABX system for simple configuration

  • Filter Wizard for easy configuration of firewalls

  • System configuration and firmware updates via USB, S0 internally and remotely, or LAN ports (TCP/IP)

Current features

  • Integrated xDSL/ ISDN router with Packet Filter Firewall and NAT

  • LCR feature including gateway support

  • Connection of a door terminal adapter to the analog ports

  • Automatic completion of calls (CCBS, CCNR) in the network and internally

  • Team functions

  • Busy-on-busy

  • Team calls to an MSN extension number (team number)

  • Deflecting calls without answering (CD, Call deflection)

  • Charge credit for each subscriber (pocket money)

  • CLIP (number display) supported by all analog ports

  • Call rerouting programmable from a remote location (Follow me)

  • Memory for 500 charge data records, overflow indication by LED

  • Centralized switching of day/night modes

  • Day/night call mode controlled by date/time (incl. day of the week control)

  • Alphanumeric telephone directory with 500 entries


  • Elmeg Module 2 a/b

  • Elmeg Module 1 POTS

  • Elmeg Module 4 DSP


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