Manufacturer: Lancom Systems
Logitel Code: 61060
Manufacturer Code: 61060
Product Description

Central site VPN gateway for networking up to 200 site.

The LANCOM 7100 VPN is a central-site VPN gateway which provides VPN connections for up to 100 sites as standard, upgrading to 200 sites with the LANCOM VPN Option. Quality-of-Service, dynamic bandwidth management and the four Gigabit-Ethernet ports ensure that data is correctly prioritized in the network and that speeds are maximized. Thanks to 260 Mbps IPSec troughput and 512 MB RAM the LANCOM 7100 VPN can easily handle higher data volume. Integrated VPN accelerator hardware massively increases the encryption performance of this powerful platform. Practical: Various information on the device is permanently displayed, including temperature, CPU load, and active VPNs. The fan’s function is permanently displayed by LED and, additionally, an acoustic signal is emitted should the CPU overheat.

  • Incl. 100 VPN channels, upgradable to 200 remote sites via VPN Option
  • 4 x Gigabit Ethernet + ISDN BRI
  • VRRP and load balancing
  • Advanced Routing & Forwarding with 128 VLAN/IP contexts
  • Status and error display


  • Documentation

  • Modem Backup

  • VPN Client Software - Single License

  • VPN Client Software - 10 Licenses

  • VPN Client Software - 25 LIcenses


Package content

  • Manual: Printed User Manual (DE, EN) and Quick Installation Guide (DE/EN/FR/ES/IT/PT/NL)

  • CD: CD with firmware, management software (LANconfig, LANmonitor, LANCAPI) and documentation

  • Cable: Serial configuration cable, 1.5m

  • Cable: 2 Ethernet cables, 3m

  • Cable: ISDN cable, 3m

  • Cable: IEC power cord


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