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Work at Home Agents

Work at Home Agents

Cost reduction and better customer response strategies

The move towards the WAHA model, also known as the virtual agent model, is currently one of the leading trends in the contact center market. More and more industry leaders are discovering the benefits of the home agent model for their contact center services. Home agent programs offer compelling advantages, including cost reduction and better customer response strategies. Furthermore, this model tears down geographical barriers, meaning that businesses can recruit highly qualified individuals, in practically any location, who will then be available to provide excellent service at any time.

To ensure a smooth workflow and productivity, contact centers need to provide the right tools to home agents and their managers as well as to provide a suitable infrastructure. AudioCodes' end-to-end SIP solution especially addresses these needs with a set of devices and management applications that are designed to provide high quality voice service for home agents over any Internet connection, centralized monitoring of the home agents’ voice quality conditions, and an advanced user interface.


  • Increase home agents' productivity and operational efficiency
  • Quickly analyze and resolve quality issues
  • Remotely manage and automatically configure agents' IP phones
  • Voice quality assurance over public internet


  • Remote phone management
  • High security without VPN
  • Integrated voice quality monitoring
  • Unique home agent quality-based smart pool solution
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