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Fax Over IP

Fax Over IP

Fax transmission is a key application for many enterprises. Financial institutions, banks, government offices, law firms, and many others still use fax machines to transfer a multitude of documents on a daily basis.

Moving from TDM-based PBXs to IP telephony, enterprises tend to gradually replace existing analog and TDM phones with IP phones. However, fax transmission is still a challenge and requires a reliable solution for connectivity with the new IP telephony infrastructure. When it comes to fax service, an enterprise connected to a SIP trunk may suffer from poor quality or even complete failure of its fax service. This issue is a result of differences in the fax protocols used by the SIP service provider and the enterprise.

AudioCodes Enterprise Session Border Controllers (E-SBCs) help overcome the fax interoperability challenge by applying intelligent fax transcoding.


  • Guaranteed fax service over SIP trunks
  • Seamlessly fax transcoding support resolves fax incompatibility issues
  • Seamless connectivity of fax machines within VoIP networks
  • Resolves fax interoperability issues for enterprises and service providers
  • Wide interoperability with hundreds of fax machines


  • Enterprise fax server software solution
  • Improve fax quality by minimizing the use of G.711 for fax transport over the internet (WAN)
  • Extra fast fax transfers through support of V.34
  • Analog fax adaptor functionality supported on Mediant SBCs
  • Fax server enables faxes to be sent and received as email attachments
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