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LOGITEL provides a wide range of switches consisting of a range of feature sets and the ways that they can be configured. Managed and web-smart switches can be controlled via a user interface which, for example, allows the configuration of authentications, port prioritization, VLAN setup, or even the monitoring and blocking of ports. These functions are often essential in professional environments as they can increase security levels, contribute to effective networking, and thus they can save costs. While web-smart switches are configured with the aid of a web interface, managed switches offer the additional option of console-based configuration. LOGITEL’s managed switches additionally feature a serial interface, they support virtual stacking, and they also support a larger number of VLANs than the web-smart switches. Unmanaged switches cannot be configured and are simply low-cost distributors in situations where the functions mentioned above are not necessary.

The LOGITEL line of switches offers future-proof switch solutions at a fair price for sophisticated edge networks in small and medium-sized enterprises. Companies that use network virtualization to save costs and optimize their capacities profit from intelligent managed switches because they support up to 256 active VLANs and feature port prioritization compliant with 802.1p or TOS/DiffServ.

LOGITEL attaches great importance to the security of its networks. This is the reason why our managed and web-smart switches are designed with configurable ports for 802.11 x-compliant access controls. This requires every terminal device to be authorized before it can access the network. In order to protect switches from attacks such as MAC flooding, the MAC address learning limit can be set individually.

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