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Secure Access / Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Secure Access / Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) from LOGITEL provides an economical alternative for inter-connecting multiple sites, regardless of distance. The key factor: VPNs use the low-cost public Internet as a medium for communications, protecting connections so that they are completely secure from unauthorized access.

VPN solutions from LOGITEL are the flexible and economical solution for networking headquarters, subsidiaries, branches, sites and home-office workplaces in small, mid-sized and large enterprises.


  • Economical, secure solutions combining Internet access, firewall and VPN
  • Connectivity for up to 1000 sites
  • 1-Click-VPN for secure site-to-site connectivity by drag & drop
  • Radio link via UMTS for mobile and temporary sites, companies without DSL coverage, and as a backup in case of cable connection failure.
  • Load-balancing enables up to 4 DSL connections to be established when demand for bandwidth increases
  • Dynamic bandwidth management gives priority to important applications
  • Also use the VPN connection to network PBX systems = company-wide extension numbers
  • Extensive backup and redundancy functions such as ISDN/UMTS backup, Dynamic VPN end points, dynamic routing and VRRP
  • Maximum security thanks to digital certificates
  • Secure integration of external partners and service providers by using virtual router technology and VLANs
  • Devices and settings can be configured remotely
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