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Wireless HotSpots

Wireless HotSpots

Be informed at all times, receive important mails wherever you are—the information society makes tough demands of modern communications. Which is why universities are expanding their offerings of Internet-based services, and companies and local authorities are looking for value-added services for their customers and target groups.

Public Spot solutions from LOGITEL provide operators with the option of complementing their closed network with publicly available wireless Internet access. These are based on LOGITEL access points that have been upgraded with the Public Spot Option. Access to the Internet is easy and uses WLAN-capable laptops and Web browsers.


  • User-friendly authentication and billing for the services via the Web
  • Accounting data (online time, volumes) per user and session
  • Easy printing of prepaid vouchers where access is not free
  • Interface to external billing programs for prepaid, flat rate or billing models
  • Strict separation of guest access from your own network by means of VLAN technology
  • Separate firewall and routing settings for guest access accounts
  • Optional for all WLAN Controllers, access points and WLAN routers
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