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Direct Routing for Microsoft 365

Direct Routing for Microsoft 365

With Direct Routing, you can connect your SBC to almost any telephony trunk or interconnect with third-party Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) equipment. Direct Routing enables you to:

Use virtually any PSTN trunk with Microsoft Phone System.
Configure interoperability between customer-owned telephony equipment, such as a third-party private branch exchange (PBX), analog devices, and Microsoft Phone System.

Microsoft also offers all-in-the-cloud voice solutions, such as Calling Plan. However, a hybrid voice solution might be best for your organization if:

Microsoft Calling Plan is not available in Greece.

Your organization requires connection to third-party analog devices, call centers, and so on.

Your organization has an existing contract with a PSTN carrier.


You are already familiar with our initial approach to deployment. This scenario has 3 key elements: (1) Office 365 with Phone System enabled, (2) Session Border Controllers (SBC) from our certified partners such as AudioCodes and (3) trunks from your voice provider. Customers have been previewing this scenario since May. For customers who want to manage the infrastructure on-premises this will be their optimal choice.

PARTNER HOSTED SCENARIOS.  Back in May 2018, we also began working with providers around the world on a second scenario to ensure that customers who wanted a hosted architecture would have options. This can mean hosted SBCs, additional management capabilities, and other services.

For more questions regarding the SBC and Direct routing for Microsoft Teams please contact us to

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