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Enterprise Security for the Check-In Process

Enterprise Security for the Check-In Process

Secure Premises & People

Protect your people and intellectual property with extra layers of security right from the start. Knowing exactly who you're inviting to your office, you can stay one step ahead of each visit. Go paperless and secure your visitor consent and signatures, ahead of time. Moreover, you can keep restricted areas off limits and protect your sensitive business collateral while elevating the visitor experience.


Streamline Front Desk Operations

Giving your front desk the right tools, you can make every visit count. On any given day, you may host new and returning visitors or contractors, groups, or job applicants. Your receptionists must be flexible and well prepared to manage any situation. In global organizations, you can even manage all your front desks effortlessly. Make time-saving processes an everyday thing.


Be in the business of professionalism

Make your visitors feel confident about finding their way to you. Send branded invitation emails with maps, PDF attachments, your phone number, etc. Upon check-in, they'll automatically receive your Wi-Fi password, a unique QR code, or other important details you want to share about their visit. Ensure smooth and speedy check-ins and say goodbye to long lines in the lobby.

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