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Meeting Room Booking Software

Meeting Room Booking Software


Simplify all your meeting room management for a great booking experience, with an easy to use cloud solution. Maximize meeting room space, reduce administration time and introduce smarter booking processes into the workplace. In this way you can remove the friction and complexity of meeting room scheduling.


Meeting Management

Effortlessly manage and monitor reservations and services for both your vendors and front-of-house team. And when the meeting changes, everything updates in one swift process, keeping everyone in the loop. Create new bookings, move rooms, extend a meeting or swap bookings with ease. Make sure everyone is in the right space.


Visitor Management

Delight your visitors with an integrated visitor management system. As a result, the front desk and reception teams can automatically be informed of visitors when booking a meeting. Save valuable time and effort.


Smooth Communications

Simplify the booking of video conferences by integrating video with meeting room booking into one smooth process. By making it easy for the user to book, create and launch video conferences, you’ll see an increase in usage, a reduction in travel expenses, and improved collaboration.

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