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Call Accounting & Billing

Call Accounting & Billing

A Call Accounting & Billing System is a telecommunications software or hardware application that captures, records, and costs telephone usage events. Internationally call accounting systems may be referred to as call logging systems. Call accounting systems detect outbound and inbound calls, call ring outs, call routings, abandoned calls, and other activities.

Call accounting & Billing systems may provide packaging, pricing, provisioning, billing, and posting or presentment of telephone services for purposes of revenue generation. Professional services firms utilize call accounting software for account code or client based billing of their phone usage. The hospitality industry uses call accounting to resell phone services to visiting guests and groups. These call accounting systems often provide accessible application-specific rating and provisioning capabilities found generally on carrier-level operational support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS).

Common Applications of Call Accounting

  • Service Billing and Provisioning
  • Departmental and Employee Chargeback
  • Cost and Revenue Optimization
  • Staff Productivity
  • Network Optimization
  • Security and Compliance

Call Accounting Forms

  • Stand-alone hardware device
  • Stand-alone server software
  • Centralized enterprise software
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Web services
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