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Call Recording

Call Recording

Call recording is becoming increasingly important, with technology changing and working habits becoming more mobile. Addressing mobile recording is now the subject of many financial regulators' recommendations. It is also increasingly important to business continuity planning.

Call recording systems (hardware & software) records telephone conversations over PSTN or VoIP in a digital audio file format. Clearly, call recording and monitoring has quickly become a standard business application for all types of businesses. Now more than ever, businesses face increased competitive pressures, growing legal requirements, and the ongoing need to reduce costs.

Today, businesses use call recording to:

  • Resolve customer disputes using recorded conversations. Call recordings can be exported and played back using standard desktop media software—no proprietary players are required!
  • Achieve regulatory compliance by documenting calls and maintaining records based upon varying business needs.
  • Ensure high quality customer interactions with live monitoring and quality monitoring programs.
  • Accelerate employee training with ‘real-life’ calls and live monitoring capabilities in order to provide real-time feedback to agents.
  • Enhance workplace productivity by observing business processes, including calling scripts, in action.
  • Leverage the voice of the customer within the organization by sending customer feedback directly to other departments.

Call recording and monitoring technology does not have to be a costly, complicated endeavor. Nor does it have to be used exclusively within the contact center. The voice of the customer can be a powerful tool across company silos. From the contact center to research and development or other back office applications, LOGITEL puts call recording and monitoring technology within reach for companies of all sizes.

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