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IP Telephony

IP Telephony

SMBs have varying phone system requirements. Some need very basic calling capabilities at the lowest possible price and others are looking for very advanced solutions that will keep them connected to the office at all times and interface with other business systems.

LOGITEL provides a complete portfolio of award-winning, circuit-switched and IP-based phones including conference phones, desktop phones, wireless phones and business multimedia phones to address this broad set of requirements. All of LOGITEL’s devices are standards-based and natively integrate with today’s leading SMB and large organizations call control platforms. In order to deliver a complete solution that matches the different needs of businesses, LOGITEL partners with vendors and service providers from around the world to deliver complete phone system solutions with varying capabilities, ownership options, and price points.

Voice-over-IP solutions from LOGITEL are the key to maximum costs savings in telephony. Why? VoIP does not require a dedicated telephony network—the existing LAN infrastructure is sufficient, be it cabled or wireless. There is no need to install telephone lines, nor phone sockets—which saves money, space, and offers the greatest possible flexibility.

  • The old PBX system is replaced by a cost-effective VoIP-capable router. This also provides access to the Internet at the same time.
  • Maintenance and servicing are handled by your usual networking technician. There is no need for external PBX service technicians.
  • In cooperation with wireless LAN, users can even telephone via mobile devices. Internally, even these calls are free.
  • When employees move from one office to another, their telephone simply moves with them—there's no need to lay separate cables, no sockets have to be installed.
  • All it takes to set up a new employee is a few mouse clicks.
  • Telephony functions integrated into IT, such as dialing by mouse-click on a contact in your CRM system.

There are many different events that may trigger a move to VoIP such as:

  • Move to / addition of a new facility
  • Replacement of aging TDM equipment
  • Need to integrate call features across multiple locations
  • Need to centralize disparate voicemail systems
  • Support for mobile/virtual workforce
  • Expansion/ upgrade of network
  • Business continuity/ voice survivability
  • Expiration of Service Provider contract
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