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Telephone-based Entry Access Controls

Telephone-based Entry Access Controls

IP based door access

Secure your employees and assets via preventing unauthorized entry and theft. Our access control door phones can be connected to any telecommunication infrastructure, analog or IP-based. Solutions offer a variety of applications for public, residential or business environments. Typical applications include office buildings, hospitals, military bases, government buildings, gated communities and more.

Audio and video door access

The access control systems allow SIP-enabled connectivity, offering high quality of audio and video for extended and remote monitoring. Solutions offered can be installed in a single entry point or on multiple entrances over a widespread geographic area, with capabilities such as remote door opening, video surveillance, coded entrance and voice activation.

Weather resistant door access

Our access control solutions are based on robust door phones, designed for heavy duty operations indoor or outdoor. The anti-vandal and weather resistant rugged housing meets professional demands across various industries and environments, offering continuous access monitoring under extreme weather conditions or potential tampering.

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