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ANTISEL adopts Microsoft Teams Phone and Direct Routing to replace legacy enterprise telephone system.

Founded in 1967, ANTISEL is a leading importer and distributor of laboratory equipment used in healthcare as well as in academic and industrial research settings. While already on Microsoft 365 cloud services, the pandemic made the need for online communications and collaboration even more pressing. Faced with the insufficiency of their legacy telephone system for remote wok, they turned to unified communications expert LOGITEL and Teams Phone. With the new solution, productivity is up, costs are down, and they’re not looking back.

The challenge

Seamless communication –from any location and any device– was a critical requirement during the pandemic.

ANTISEL had a fundamental need for a unified collaboration platform that supports remote work moving forward.

The world is moving away from old-fashioned phone services and their legacy phone system proved to be a chocking point for productivity, thus in need of replacement.

Understanding that voice no longer needed to be a standalone system, they wanted a solution that would integrate well with their overall communications environment and scale to meet future needs.

The solution

The right partner was soon at hand to help. Founded in 2003, LOGITEL is a well-established unified communications provider assisting organization with the adoption of modern, cloud-based telephone services.

LOGITEL worked with ANTISEL on a strategic cloud migration roadmap that culminated in a move to Teams Phone following a successful POC. Over 200 users were transitioned to Teams Phone, while also implementing Direct Routing with their SIP trunk and new SBC networking infrastructure also provided and deployed by LOGITEL.

The solution included:

•A full PBX replacement via migration to Teams Phone for 210 seats with managed direct routing.
•Configured call queues and automated attendant.
•ANTISEL also wanted to take advantage of newer functionality in a modern calling service and to have flexible dialing plans to suit   varying departmental needs.

The results

ANTISEL gained a reliable system that enables improved collaboration and communication, no matter where people are working from across multiple channels. Microsoft Teams Phone provides:

·Fully integrated solution. ANTISEL users can seamlessly go from calls to chats to video conferencing and document sharing. Employees have the flexibility to work from anywhere and can use their assigned business phone number from any device.
·Enhanced productivity and cost savings. Management is pleased with the increased connectivity and employees have greater work flexibility. And even with all this additional functionality, ANTISEL is seeing lower support and maintenance costs and able to budget ahead more easily with a predictable spend.
Seamless transition. In the end, ANTISEL found it easy to adapt to a whole new way of communicating. LOGITEL developed a comprehensive transition plan to help and support the company and its people get used to the shift


Migration to Teams Phone for over 200 users, including licensing and new SBC infrastructure for Direct Routing with ANTISEL’s existing telco carrier.

Teams Phone solution provides business productivity and customer engagement benefits as all-in-one solution that integrates completely with ANTISEL’s existing Microsoft services.

LOGITEL cloud and voice experts managed the transition, so it was easy for ANTISEL to make the move—with no downtime.

With increased functionality at a lower cost, ANTISEL relies on Teams Phone as their modern calling solution

ANTISEL has both a trusted IT partner and a voice solution they can count on for the future.

“We  achieved a huge milestone in migrating to Teams telephony.

I personally believe the workplace nowadays needs to  interact with IT  solutions leading the rapid pace of digital transformation and Microsoft 365 and Teams phone .

The Power Platform delivered the best toolset to set a perfect communication and collaboration for a state-of-the-art CX and EX which is of utmost importance for our company.”

Theodoros Selidis,     

Managing Director, ANTISEL.

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