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Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Pre-Staging Services

Pre-Staging Services can help partners deliver more effective system builds and successful solution deployments for their customers. Using our comprehensive Pre-Staging service can significantly reduce on-site installation and commissioning time and cost as well ensuring customer requirements and expectations are met to the fullest.

The following Pre-Staging Services are available:

  • Bench testing of all components
  • Unloading of latest software and firmware on all components
  • Complete solution pre-built and tested
  • Customized solution built to end-user requirements

Using LOGITEL Pre-Staging Services guarantees that a system will function correctly and will be running the latest software version when delivered to customer premises. This ensures that there will be no unexpected issues when the system is deployed, improving customer satisfaction as well as reducing engineer time and costs.

Installation and Commissioning Services

Technology products are not smart, nor innovative, nor effective in their own right. It is the different groups of people vested in the design, manufacturing, implementation, and support of any given product that ultimately define the success of any type investment in technology. In this spirit LOGITEL, in partnership with our Resellers, offers comprehensive Installation and Commissioning Services for our full range of products and solutions. Our purpose and aspiration is not only to deliver a solution that will function well within the scope of the technical specification, we strive to assure that customer requirements and expectations are exceeded. Our engineers will work closely with customer team members to install and configure all solution components while causing the minimum possible down-time or disruption. Years of experience, advanced technical expertise and continuous training guarantee fast and reliable implementations, while our analytical, creative, and innovative thinking will help customers reap additional benefits on increased productivity, stability, security as well as reduced operational costs.

Technical Support and Maintenance Services

Most communications and IT departments today are realizing they can’t possibly address the entirety of their organization’s needs and requests. These departments also realize that technology is constantly evolving and that it’s very hard to keep up with the latest developments and innovations. Therefore, after making an investment in technology products and solutions, most customers feel they want to maximize their return on this investment by acquiring professional support and maintenance services that help ensure uptime and usability. LOGITEL provides a comprehensive suite of Technical Support and Maintenance Services, available through our select service partners, that protect customers’ investments, maximize their value, and ensure optimal performance throughout the life of each product or solution component. This enables end-users to focus on their business while securing peace of mind that their technology infrastructure will consistently deliver a consistent and high-quality experience.

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