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Repair & Warranty Service

Repair & Warranty Service


Contact procedure:

In general, warranty claims and service requests are handled via your dealer/reseller from where you purchased the product. In case it is not possible to contact the original point-of-sales (or in case you purchased the product directly from Logitel), you can submit your RMA request (Return Merchandise Authorization) directly to Logitel.

Repair Service (RMA)

Constantly increasing demands for reliable networks give us reason to offer various Repair Services. In case of defective hardware, it is possible to send in the affected hardware for repair.

To make handling as easy and quickly as possible for you, we kindly ask you to pay attention to the following procedure:

  1. For each processing of DOA (Dead On Arrival), Warranty or Repair you have to apply for an RMA number.
  2. It is necessary to obtain a separate RMA number for every defective device. This keeps transactions transparent for you as well as for us, since we can track which stages the router has passed through.

Standard Repair

Repair processing has to be initated online or via your sales partner / distributor. If your device fail within the warranty period, repair is free of charge, of course. The repair processing time average out 10 working days.

DOA (Dead on arrival)

In general, the DOA limit is 30 days after delivery to the end customer. Devices, which fail, within this period, will be replaced free of charge.

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